Xiaomi invests more in premium smartphone in Brazil

The Chinese smartphone brand Xiaomi announced on Tuesday the arrival of the Xiaomi 12 in Brazil, its top-of-the-line smartphone model, which was launched worldwide a month ago. The Xiaomi 12 has only one version configured with 256GB internal storage and 8GB RAM, costing R$9,499.99.

Xiaomi seeks to enter the premium smartphone market, while maintaining its positioning as a company that offers mid-range products with a great value for money.

According to Xiaomi’s marketing manager in Brazil, Xiaomi’s major sales consist of premium and mid-range smartphones, such as the Redmi Note series. Nevertheless, the company has begun to invest more in the flagship Xiaomi phones or in other words its top-of-the-line smartphones, seeking to show the public the competitiveness of its top-end products.