Survey finds Brazilians still keen to buy online from China

A survey has found 71.1 percent of Brazilian users of the Internet will keep buying Chinese goods online, despite the Covid-19 pandemic, eMarketer reports.

The market research company says a Brazilian market researcher, Instituto QualiBest, did the survey last month.

EMarketer says merchants selling goods to Brazilians on Chinese websites are optimistic about business, even though they have fewer orders and customers than before, their wares take longer to deliver and their cash flows are weaker.

The report quotes the head of Latin America at Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba Group Holding Ltd, Ken Huang, as saying: “We are constantly monitoring the situation and implementing initiatives to support merchants and small businesses on our platform.”

Some deliveries to Brazil may be delayed, but Alibaba is “working hard to minimize any inconvenience to our customers in Brazil,” eMarketer quotes Mr Huang as saying.