Sino-Timorese company to grow rice in southern Timor-Leste

A Sino-Timorese enterprise, Fung Ao Seu Unipessoal Lda, is set to begin planting rice on 1,600 hectares of land in the southern Timorese districts of Viqueque and Manatuto, ANTIL says.

A Fung Ao Seu manager, Jaime Hanjam, says the company has spent about US$500,000 on farm implements imported from China, the Timorese state-run news agency reported on Monday.

The report says five Chinese specialists did a feasibility study which found that the land can produce 15 tonnes of rice per hectare, on average.

The farm will also grow maize, beans and potatoes, the report says.

Another project by Fung Ao Seu is to spend US$5 million on protecting coral reefs off Liquiçá in northwestern Timor Leste and making them a tourist attraction, ANTIL quotes Mr Hanjam as saying.