Sino-Portuguese freight forwarding deal to benefit Macao

A recent agreement to cooperate reached by the Portuguese Freight Forwarders Association, Apat, and the China International Freight Forwarders Association will benefit Portuguese enterprises meaning to do business in Macao, Ponto Final reports, citing the head of Apat, António Nabo Martins.

The Macao newspaper quotes Mr Nabo Martins as saying the value of the business of carrying freight between Portugal and Macao is set to rise.

The report quotes Mário Sousa, the president of one Portuguese freight forwarder, Portocargo, as saying Macao has been importing from Portugal more luxuries such as salted cod, pork, cheese and wine, most of them for integrated resorts.

Portocargo gained more Chinese customers after taking part in the Macao International Trade and Investment Fair last October, Ponto Final quotes Mr Sousa as saying.