Senior residences should be a new bet for Chinese investment in Portugal

In an interview with Lusa, Choi Man Hin, president of the Association of Luso-Chinese Merchants and Industrialists (ACILC) said that the assisted housing sector for the elderly should be one of the new bets for Chinese investment in Portugal.

Choi Man Hin, who was also the right-hand man for the Portuguese market of Portuguese-Chinese businessman and gaming tycoon Stanley Ho, defended that Portugal is, without a doubt, a good country for tourists and can be a good destination to create a business of farms with a large area for the elderly to live.

The leader of the Chinese community, who was chairman of the board of directors of Estoril Sol, the company that owns the Lisbon casino and manages the Estoril casino, among others, recalled that Portugal is calm, peaceful and that can be used to attract pensioners. This is positive for Chinese investment, he added.

(Source: RecordTV Europa)