Seminar on the creation of a Chinatown in the city of São Paulo

On the 24th of February, a seminar was held at the City Hall of São Paulo to discuss the creation of a Chinatown in the city of São Paulo. The seminar was attended by representatives of the Chinese community, city experts, and members of trade associations. The group discussed needs and strategies for creating and valuing the chosen region.

The author of the bill, councilwoman Edir Sales, emphasized that the creation of Chinatown in São Paulo seeks to create a commercial, cultural and coexistence hub, so that tourists from all corners know where to find products, enjoy the cuisine or do business with direct representatives of the Chinese community.

“Chinatown will bring much more unity because of São Paulo has a large Chinese community.”We even created Chinese Immigrant Day here at the chamber, which is a date we celebrate every year,” she said.

(Source: Mercantile Monitor)