Portuguese, Macao universities to teach postgraduate course

The University of Coimbra in central Portugal and the City University of Macau will jointly offer postgraduate students a course in international economic relations, the Portuguese institution says.

The University of Coimbra announced in writing that representatives of the institutions signed an agreement on the course on Monday.

The university says the multidisciplinary course will be taught in English.

The course will add one term to the master’s degree programme offered by the City University of Macau, the University of Coimbra says.

Separately, a Macao newspaper, Ponto Final, citing City University of Macau Rector Jun Liu, reports that enrolment for the course should begin next February, if the COVID-19 pandemic allows.

The report quotes City University of Macau Dean and Professor of Finance Adrian Cheung as saying the course will teach students how the Portuguese legislature works, and put them in touch with major companies in Portugal.

University of Coimbra Vice-rector for External Relations and Alumni João Nuno Calvão da Silva hopes his university and Chinese institutions will eventually be able to offer more joint courses, Ponto Final says.