Portuguese growers of pears aim to kickstart sales in China

The Portuguese National Association of Pêra Rocha Producers intends to start next year a sales promotion drive meant to tap primarily the Chinese market for the variety of pear its members grow, Xinhua reports.

The Chinese state-run news agency quotes the head of the association, Domingos dos Santos, as saying the drive will cost 430,000 euros (about US$526,000).

Mr dos Santos said the association was optimistic that its growers would be allowed to export to China, now that their produce is covered by the Sino-EU protected designation of origin agreement, which came into effect in March.

Mr dos Santos said the association had been represented at the FHC China 2019 trade fair, putting it in touch with potential buyers.

But the COVID-19 pandemic hindered efforts to increase sales, including a mission to China by the Portuguese agriculture minister, Xinhua quotes Mr dos Santos as saying.