OakBerry Açaí Bowls to open four more shops in China

OakBerry Açaí Bowls of Brazil means to open shops in Chinese cities such as Beijing, Hong Kong by the end of next year to sell the products it makes with acai berries, the Diálogo Chino website reports.

The website says the company also intends to get Chinese supermarkets to sell OakBerry products, including its açaí mix, a sweet, frozen mixture of acai pulp and water, guarana syrup, flavourings and stabilisers.

The report says OakBerry opened this year a franchised shop in one of China’s largest shopping centres in Shanghai.

The shop has a base of committed consumers, most of whom work in the shopping centre, the report quotes the OakBerry franchisee in China, Karim Fahs, as saying.

Since 2017 the Brazilian Export and Investment Promotion Agency has been advertising acai berries to young, urban Chinese with adventurous eating habits, the Diálogo Chino website says.