Metro do Porto’s first Chinese-made vehicle has arrived

The first of the 18 vehicles that Metro do Porto ordered from the Chinese manufacturer CRRC Tangshan arrived in Leixões on the 22nd of December and is now in the workshops of Guifões. The rest of the trains will arrive next year with an average of one or two per month.

In January 2020, Metro do Porto established a contract with the Chinese manufacturer CRRC Tangshan, which is worth 49.6 million euros for the acquisition of 18 Chinese metros, including maintenance services for five years. The new metros from China will have a maximum capacity of 346 passengers and a maximum speed of 80 kilometres per hour. 

Chinese manufacturer CRRC Tangshan is currently in the running for the tender of the acquisition of 117 railcars for CP (Comboios de Portugal), for a base price of 819 million euros, with the material to be delivered by 2029.

(Source: Jornal de Notícias)