Mandarina Books now on the shelves in Macao bookshops

A Portuguese writer in Macao, Catarina Mesquita, has begun selling there children’s books bearing the imprint of Mandarina Books, which publishes the Portuguese and Chinese versions of each work in one volume, a newsletter circulated by the Macao Public Library reports.

The Books and the City newsletter says the latest Mandarina Books work, the third, is entitled “On the Street,” and is written by Macao author Joe Tang and illustrated by Fernando Chan, a Brazilian of Chinese descent.

The report says it took just four months to publish the book, even amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Ms Mesquita founded Mandarina Books last year after she noticed the dearth in Macao of children’s books in Portuguese, the report says.

Among the 10 or more outlets selling “On the Street” in Macao are the Universal Gallery & Bookstore at the Taipa Houses-Museum, Books and the City says.