Macau to create two technology centres to support Lusophone projects

On the 23rd of November, Macau announced the creation of two Sino-Lusophone centres to support the establishment of advanced technology projects of the Portuguese Speaking countries in the Greater China Bay Area, with the award of bonuses and collaboration with universities and companies.

A centre will be in the In-Depth Cooperation Zone in Hengqin and another will be created in Macau, noted the director of the Economic Services Bureau of Macao, Anton Tai Kin Ip, referring to the area of cooperation between Guangdong province and Macau, in Hengqin.

Tai Kin Ip said that the ultimate aim is to allow advanced technology projects from Portuguese-speaking countries to enter the Greater Bay market. The Greater Bay is a project of the central government that aims to create a metropolis from the special administrative regions of Macau and Hong Kong and nine cities of Guangdong province, with more than 60 million inhabitants.

(Source: Mundo Lusíada)