JAC Motors launches its first all-electric medium-duty truck and targets the Brazilian market.

The Chinese brand Jianghuai Automobile Group Corp (JAC Motors) launched its first 100% electric medium-duty truck on the 24th of August. The new E-JT offers up to 250 km of range, 8.6 tonnes of payload and a total gross weight of 12.5 tonnes.

The vehicle is equipped with a third axle to meet the demand for more cargo space in deliveries from large customers such as Ambev, JBS, Pepsico and Magazine Luiza.

According to the president of JAC Motors, Sergio Habib, the company is eyeing the Brazilian market for trucks from 10 to 15 tons with the new release of the electric medium-duty truck. The expected sales for the JAC E-JT are 600 units per year. In 2021, JAC sold the same number of electric trucks in Brazil and should end 2022 at the same level.