Institute in Mato Grosso signs an agreement with China for the sustainable meat trade

The Instituto Mato-Grossense da Carne (Imac) signed a cooperation agreement to promote sustainable initiatives in Mato Grosso with the Tianjin Meat Industry Association, seeking to strengthen the sustainable Brazil-China beef trade with traceability, certification and financial mechanisms for better access to the market.

“This agreement is very important for Mato Grosso. It will be one more step for us to evolve with the guarantee of a greener and more sustainable trade that collaborates with Chinese food security by offering more quality meat and low carbon. This event implements several actions that we started in 2018 with several visits, studies and signed cooperation”, analyzed the president of the institute, Caio Penido.

The action is part of the agenda of the China International Mission promoted by Imac to expand the market for sustainable beef and project alignments with companies and the Chinese government.

(Source: Só Notícias)