Haitong Bank triples profits to €11.2 million

Last year, Haitong Bank tripled profits, which reached €11.2 million, the bank announced on the 14th of March. In a statement, Haitong Bank – formerly BES Investimento, which was acquired by Haitong Securities Co., Ltd. in 2015 – reveals that taking into account the 3.6 million reached in 2021, the net result achieved  confirms the consistency of positive results in the difficult period 2020-2022.

After the 1st half of 2022 marked by uncertainty, the Bank’s activity recorded a recovery during the 2nd half, with the contribution of the Fixed Income and M&A areas, resulting from the resurgence of fixed income activity in Brazil and the increased activity with Chinese clients, explains the bank.

The bank also noted that the Macao branch and the recently-opened representative office in Paris had made an important contribution to the creation of new business.

(Source: Notícia ao Minuto)