Guinea-Bissau receives 100,000 doses of Sinopharm vaccine

Guinea-Bissau has taken delivery of 100,000 doses of the vaccine against COVID-19 devised by Sinopharm Group Co. Ltd. of China, which are a gift from the Chinese government, O Democrata reports.

The Guinean newspaper quotes the country’s High Commissioner for COVID-19, Magda Robalo, as saying at the formal turnover of the shipment that it is the first of many she hopes her country will receive.

Ms Robalo said she hoped to receive in the next two months 200,000 more doses of the Sinopharm vaccine, another gift from China.

Chinese help will play a big part in stopping the worrying recent spread of COVID-19 among Guineans, O Democrata quotes Guinean Secretary of State for International Cooperation , Ude Fati, as saying.

Separately, his embassy issued a written statement quoting Chinese Ambassador to Guinea-Bissau Guo Ce as saying China will donate more vaccine in the months ahead to help Guinea Bissau resume its development.