Guiné-Bissau seeks Macao help with cultural industries plan

A Guinéan official with responsibility for cultural affairs, Francelino da Cunha, will visit Macao to seek help in drafting a plan for developing cultural industries in his country, Agência de Notícias da Guiné (ANG) reports.

The Guinéan state-run news agency quotes Mr da Cunha as saying his visit to Macao is part of a tour that has already taken him to Portugal, and includes visits to Brazil and Russia.

Mr da Cunha said he had met Portuguese Culture Minister Graça Fonseca while in Portugal.

The Portuguese authorities offered to send experts to help Guiné-Bissau draft a law governing culture, Mr da Cunha said.

The Portuguese and Guinéan authorities are close to reaching agreement on setting up a school of music and dance in Guiné-Bissau, ANG quotes Mr da Cunha as saying.