Fosun tests new business model in lusophone markets  

Fosun International Ltd. Chairman Guo Guangchang says his company is using Portuguese-speaking markets to test a new business model that combines healthcare with financial services, the South China Morning Post reports.

Mr. Guo Guangchang told the Hong Kong newspaper in an interview that there was synergy among the bank, the hospital, and the insurance company that the Fosun group owns in Portugal.

The report says the Chinese group intends to replicate this business model in other lusophone markets, including Brazil, Mozambique, Angola and East Timor.

In Portugal, the Fosun group bought insurer Fidelidade Cia de Seguros SA in 2014 for US$1.14 billion, and subsequently acquired hospital operator Espírito Santo Saúde SGPS SA and Banco Comercial Português SA, the South China Morning Post says.