Forseed to export corn genetics to China

Forseed, one of the brands of the Chinese multinational LongPing High-Tech, will export for the first time corn seed genetics developed in Brazil to China.

Fabiano Romero, Forseed’s national marketing manager told Globo Rural that the PS 715 hybrid technology, which has been sold in Brazil since 2018, showed good adaptability and was approved for planting in micro-regions of China, a country that started importing the Brazilian grain in the end of last year.

Currently, the brand holds 7% market share in safrinha and expects to end the 2023/24 harvest with 12% share. The brand also expects good results this year from the expansion of its seeds to Paraguay, which started in the 2022/23 harvest. In addition, the company is still developing materials for plantings in Argentina, Chile, the United States and Africa.

(Source: Global Rural)