Exports from Minas Gerais to China have increased by 9.6% in volume

According to data from the Ministry of Economy of Minas Gerais, of the total exported by state companies between January and November this year, 153.7 million tons were sent abroad, of which 104.8 million tons were sent to China, an increase of 9.6% compared to 95.6 million tons in 2021.

In the first eleven months of 2022, exports totaled US$37.093 billion. To China alone, US$13.429 billion were sold, while in 2021 it was US$15.017 billion, a decrease of around 10% year on year.

The top 5 products exported from Minas Gerais to China in 2022 consisted of iron ores and concentrates, soy, boneless and frozen beef, ferroniobium and other mineral materials (spodumene and zirconium sands). Among them, there are more iron ores and concentrates were exported to China, totaling 98.6 million tons and US$7.786 billion.

(Source: Diário do Comércio)