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Exhibition of paintings by Macao artist Lai Sio Kit helps promote city’s arts and culture

More than 500 people visited an exhibition of paintings by Macao artist Mr Lai Sio Kit, which concluded successfully on February 27, and was organised in tandem with three workshops. The exhibition was spread across 17 days. It was part of the exhibition series “Lusophone Polychromes”, included in the 13th Cultural Week of China and Portuguese-speaking Countries, organised by the Permanent Secretariat of Forum Macao.

Mr Lai’s exhibition showcased more than 30 works of art, which explored Macao’s universal appeal, via use solely of monochrome techniques. During the exhibition period, Mr Lai took part in supporting activities, exchanging views with local music groups and local arts groups, in order to promote Macao’s arts and culture.

The three workshops held in tandem with the exhibition were to promote Macao’s unique cultural traditions. They were co-organised by the Macanese Association. A number of artists was invited to teach techniques related to crochet and to “Batê Saia” paper-cutting art. Locals enthusiastically participated in the classes.

To learn more about the exhibition and workshops, please visit the website of the Cultural Week of China and Portuguese-speaking Countries (