Chinese firms seek opportunities at Summer Olympics in Brazil

Some Chinese companies have already benefited from business opportunities arising from the upcoming Olympic Games, to be held in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro next summer, Chinese official news agency Xinhua reported.

Rio 2016 Procurement Director Fernando Cotrim told Xinhua his team made a special trip to China in 2013 to discuss the procurement schedule of materials and services needed for the games.

For example, Chinese sportswear company 361° has been announced as an official supporter of the Rio Olympics, and is to provide uniforms for more than 106,500 staff and volunteers for the games.

“We are confident that 361° will do a great job in our challenge of delivering excellent and memorable games,” Rio Olympics Organizing Committee president Carlos Nuzman told Xinhua.

Additionally, Chinese firm Beijing Huajiang Culture Development Company has become a licensed manufacturer and vendor of lapel pins and mascots for the games, the report added.