Chinese experts teach Mozambicans about tackling Covid-19

Authorities on healthcare at the West China Hospital, part of Sichuan University in southwestern China, have given their counterparts at Maputo Central Hospital in Mozambique an online lecture on countering the Covid-19 pandemic, CGTN reports.

The Chinese state-run television broadcaster says the instructors went online for 2 hours to teach their audience how to diagnose and treat patients, how to keep operating rooms free of the virus, how to manage isolation areas and how to protect staff of intensive care facilities.

The report quotes West China Hospital Vice-president Liu Lunxu as saying the Mozambican government wished Mozambican healthcare workers to learn how to respond better to the pandemic.

The lecture was a chance for Mozambicans to learn from the Chinese experience of countering the virus, CGTN quotes Maputo Central Hospital President Mouzinho Saide as saying.