Chinese company to build a port in Mozambique

The Chonguene district, in Gaza province, will have a new port, announced the prime minister of Mozambique, Adriano Maleiane, on the 27th of August. The construction of the port of Chonguene will be financed by the Chinese company Ding Sheng Minerals.

Ding Sheng Minerals has been operating in the Chibuto district since 2018, the year in which the company installed a platform capable of processing 10,000 tons of sand daily. To facilitate the export of mining production, Ding Sheng Minerals decided to invest in the Chonguene District, which is close to the Chibuto District. Adriano Maleiane reveled that the Chinese capital company is waiting for the approval of the environmental impact studies before beginning work.

The concession to Ding Sheng has a term of 25 years, and the company is expected to extract one million tons of ilmenite (titanium and iron oxide) annually, in addition to heavy sands.