Chinese community delivers basic food baskets to 500 Brazilian families

On the 27th of January, the Chinese community in Brazil delivered 500 food baskets to immigrant families living in Brazil.

The Chinese Consulate in So Paulo provided the basic food baskets distributed in the Liberdade neighborhood. The action took place in partnership with the Associação Chinesa do Brasil and the Centro Social Chinês de São Paulo. In addition to basic necessities, the baskets contained packages of Guazi, a very popular snack in China.

This is not the community’s first action. Last year alone, the Chinese community delivered thousands of basic baskets and gifts to families in needy communities in Brazil. In one of these actions, called Christmas Without Hunger, the Centro Social Chinês de São Paulo, in partnership with G10 Favelas, distributed 4,300 basic food baskets to families in the largest favela in São Paulo, Paraisópolis.

(Source: Agência Brasil China)