China´s CREC4 urban water project in Bie province supplys 70,000 users

An urban water project in Angola´s Bie province, led by State builder China Railway No 4 Engineering Group Co Ltd, (CREC4), is supplying over 70,000 users.

According to officials, the water project supply households in the cities of Cunhinga, Cuemba and N’harea, keeping water flowing 24/7. It not only alleviates shortages, but also helps to prevents illnesses from unclean water, officials quoted by Xinhua said.

Construction on the project began in 2016, and it went into operation in 2019, with the plant operated by its builder during a three-year test period. This year, on July 15, it was transferred to local operators.

It covers three stations for water intake, and lifts pumps, one pump station, 9,520 meters of main pipes, three purification plants, four water storage tanks, two elevated storage tanks and urban water supply pipes extending for some 106.3 kilometers.