China ranked as Angola’s biggest trade partner in 2015

China was the biggest trade partner of Angola last year, show data from the Foreign Trade Yearbook published by the Angolan National Statistics Institute.

Citing the official figures, Angolan newspaper Jornal de Angola reported on Tuesday that China ranked as the top destination for Angolan exports in 2015, accounting for 43.37 percent of the total exports of the African nation.

The data showed that China was also the single biggest supplier to Angola, accounting for 16.93 percent of the latter’s total imports in 2015. Portugal supplied 14.79 percent of Angola’s total imports.

In 2015, the African nation recorded an aggregate trade surplus of 1.94 trillion kwanzas (US$11.72 billion). Exports totalled 3.93 trillion kwanzas while imports reached approximately 1.99 trillion kwanzas, according to the official data.