China is a great partner of Cabo Verde, says Mayor of Sal Island

Júlio Lopes, Mayor of Sal Island, tells Plataforma that the Chinese business community has made an important contribution to tourism and urban development.

With a large population immigrating from other islands, local authorities have been investing more in building social facilities, including schools and housing, with some projects including partnerships with Chinese municipal authorities, for example, the project of an athletics track in the island’s capital, Espargos.

Cabo Verde has a dry tropical climate, sometimes desert. At the food level, almost 80 percent of the products are imported. Clothing and other products are also generally imported, with the Chinese being important as they occupy this business area. They bring low-priced products, which is a big help for lower-income residents.

Lopes says that the Chinese business community is also investing in other areas, namely in the fishing and real estate sector, including holiday homes, hotels and leisure. For example, she mentions that the biggest disco on the island is a Chinese investment.

(Source: Plataforma)