China has won several East Timor project contracts

Procurement data was presented by officials from the National Procurement Commission (CNA) of Timor Leste at a seminar on infrastructure, where they detailed data on the nationalities of the companies to which contracts were awarded.

The information indicates that between 2011 and the end of February 2023 companies of Timorese nationality obtained a total of 2,351 contracts, with a total value of more than 2,124 million dollars (about 1,975 million euros).

Companies from China won 44 contracts worth a total of over US$714.6 million (664.6 million euros) and companies from Indonesia won 72 contracts worth nearly US$499 million (463.8 million euros).

During that period, the CNA registered a total of 2,598 procurement contracts, with a total value of around 3,781 million dollars (3,516 million euros).

(Source: Notícias ao Minuto)