China and Brazil cooperate to improve the level of agricultural mechanization in northeast Brazil

A memorandum of understanding was signed in a video-conference held on the 8th of September between the Northeast Consortium, the International Institute of Agricultural Equipment and Intelligent Agricultural Innovation of China Agricultural University, the China Association of Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers and the International Association for People’s Cooperation, to strengthen the exchange between China and Brazil in agriculture and increase the level of agricultural mechanization in Brazil.

The representative of the China Agricultural University highlighted that Chinese agricultural machinery will contribute to changing the traditional methods of production in Brazil, improve production efficiency and reduce production costs for agriculture.

Data released in 2017 showed that most small farmers continue to work manually, with only the help of animals. Only 12% of the peasantry has machines to help with their production. Now, with the signing of the memorandum, the next steps are the acquisition and testing of machines by Brazil.