BYD touts electric buses as sustainable transport in Brazil

BYD Co. Ltd of China is promoting the electric buses it makes as a sustainable form of transport for Brazil, Xinhua reports.

The Chinese government-run news agency quotes Li Tie, the general manager of the BYD subsidiary in Brazil, as saying in an interview that BYD is the first company to introduce electric buses to Brazil.

BYD opened an office in Brazil in 2013, then set up one factory there in 2015 to make electric buses, another in 2017 to make solar panels and a third in 2018 to make batteries, the report says.

It quotes Marcello Von Schneider, an executive of the Brazilian subsidiary, as saying Brazilians are giving greater consideration to electric vehicles.

The subsidiary hopes to change the concept of transport in Brazil, bringing to the country a modern, sustainable and pollution-free means of getting around, Xinhua quotes Mr Von Schneider as saying in an interview.