BYD announces production of N-Type TOPCON modules in Brazil

The BYD Energy do Brasil has announced that it will begin producing photovoltaic modules with N-Type TOPCON technology at its plant in Campinas (SP) from December. The factory unit was renewed in April to become compatible with the cell sizes currently available on the market.

According to the company, the equipment has a power of 575 W, with an efficiency of up to 22.2%. It has an optimised temperature coefficient of -0.32%/°C (P-type 0.39%/°C) and the same dimensions as the 540W module as well as better bifaciality (2%).

The production line and processes in the Campinas plant were completely renovated, adopting technologies such as multi-busbar, half-cell, 1/3 cut cell, micro-gap and negative-gap. The company also highlights that the expansion and transformation of production processes allowed the company to triple its capacity to 0.5 GW.