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Arrangements regarding the arrival of participants for Forum Macao’s workshop – update

Due to the arrival of a typhoon, the signal number 8 was hoisted in Hong Kong at 9am and in Macao at 10am. As a result, the Hong Kong airport has been temporarily closed, as well as the ferry terminals in Hong Kong and at the airport. All ferry services have been temporarily suspended.

Three groups of participants in the Workshop on tourism for Portuguese-speaking Countries – organised by the Training Centre of Forum Macao – were scheduled to arrive today in Hong Kong.

According to Shun Tak and Shun Tak Travel Services, participants arriving today will be accommodated at the JW Marriot hotel located at the Hong Kong Airport. After the lowering of the signal number 8, the appointed travel agency will organise the trip to Macao.

During typhoon signal number 8, the local public transport system in Hong Kong provides only limited services. For safety reasons, participants should remain in the airport, near the Shun Tak counter.

Emergency Contacts: Support Office of Forum Macao: Mr Monteiro (+853 66819273)