About 70 students from Lousada learn Mandarin

It was in 2017 that the Municipality of Lousada (CML), as part of the Innovative Integrated Plan to Combat School Failure, started the learning of Mandarin for the 2nd and 3rd cycle of students. The classes are not compulsory, but are free and take place weekly on Saturdays at Cristelos Elementary School.

Now, there are about 70 students from Lousada who attend the Mandarin classes, a number that already considers those who are doing a preparation for a final exam, the HSK 2.

According to CML’s Councillor for Education, António Augusto Silva, in addition to providing differentiating curricular content, the courses took Chinese cultural into account and the programme can open young people’s horizons.

For António Augusto Silva, CML’s initial objectives were achieved, as in the first year the number of enrolments was very satisfactory and the programme continues to attract local young people.