Cultural Exchanges

Due to historical affinities, Macao has kept close ties across several sectors with Portuguese-speaking Countries, the European Union and with Latin nations. The ties include matters connected to economy, culture and law. Macao links the richness of Chinese culture with the unique characteristics of lusophone culture. Macao is committed to promoting exchange and co-operation internationally, as well as to diversifying its domestic industries.

The “Cultural Week of China and Portuguese-speaking Countries” and the “Macao, Latin City Parade” are two events that have recently served to enrich Macao’s existing cross-cultural atmosphere.

“Cultural Week” – created in 2008 – reflects Macao’s “cultural umbilical cord” with Portuguese-speaking Countries. A total of seven editions had been held up to the end of 2015, bringing together local artists and some from Portuguese-speaking Countries – as individuals and as groups – as well as other personalities in the cultural field. Some of those invited took part in shows, while others showcased their gastronomy skills or their talent in art or crafts. Exhibitions of documents, painting and photography have also been held during the events.

Every year, artists from provinces or municipalities of China are invited to take part in the events and to interact with local residents. They have come from Liaoning (Shenyang), Sichuan, Jilin, Xinjiang, Anhui, Zhejiang and Guangdong (Shantou).

Their participation has contributed to Macao’s role as a city of Sino-Lusophone culture and unique traditions.

Such activities will continue to be developed and enhanced, as will cultural exchanges between China and Portuguese-speaking Countries and the promotion of co-operation and industry diversification, all in a manner appropriate to local economic conditions in Macao.