University of Lisbon to open a faculty in China in collaboration with Shanghai University

According to the Portuguese newspaper Público, the University of Lisbon plans to establish a new faculty in China in September, in collaboration with Shanghai University, offering bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in engineering in the following academic year.

For the first academic year, it is expected to offer a total of three bachelor’s and three master’s degree programs in civil engineering, electrical engineering, and environmental engineering. The courses will be taught in English, with Portuguese as the second medium of instruction, and students will also go to Portugal to complete part of their programs at the University of Lisbon.

The collaboration between the University of Lisbon and Shanghai University can also be seen in the composition of the teaching staff. One-third of the teachers are from the University of Lisbon, one-third from Shanghai University, and the rest recruited internationally. According to the University of Lisbon, the new faculty will admit 900 students in the first phase.