Macao, Timorese universities to cooperate, make exchanges

The University of Saint Joseph in Macao and the Catholic University of St John Paul II in Timor-Leste have agreed to cooperate in academic matters and arrange exchanges, O Clarim reports.

The Macao newspaper says the agreement was signed last week.

The universities will exchange students and teachers, and smooth the way for the Catholic University of St John Paul II to join the International Federation of Catholic Universities, the report quotes University of Saint Joseph Rector Stephen Morgan as saying.

Mr Morgan said his university would help the Timorese institution forge links with the Catholic University of Portugal.

His university has had many students from Timor-Leste, Mr Morgan said.

“It has always been a joy to be able to teach them, and they are an asset to their country,” O Clarim quotes him as saying.

The Timorese institution was established last December and began admitting students last month.