Chinese ship broke the record for being the largest fertilizer ship in the Port of Santos

Wilson Sons, the largest integrated port and maritime logistics operator in the Brazilian market, carried out the agency service for the Chinese vessel Affinity Diva. According to the company, the Affinity Diva broke the record for being the largest fertilizer vessel in the history of Brazil to operate in the Port of Santos, the main complex port in Latin America.

The Affinity Diva, which is 229 meters long and 36 meters wide and floated by the US fertilizer trading company Allied Harvest, left the port of Huanghua, China, in mid-October 2022. The vessel transporting a load of 85.2 thousand tons of ammonium sulfate, a fertilizer used in agricultural management.

China is Brazil’s second-largest partner in the supply of fertilizers. In the case of ammonium sulfate, 80% of what Brazil consumes comes from there.

(Source: PetroNotícias)