TCL and Nagem enter into a partnership for the sale of smartphones in the North and Northeast

Cell phones are already considered essential items in the lives of Brazilians. According to the IBGE survey, there are around 242 million smart cell phones in use in the country, which has just over 214 million inhabitants, a number greater than the population of Brazil.

With an eye on this market, TCL, the Chinese electronics multinational, signed an agreement with the Brazilian retailer, Nagem, for the sale of telephone sets in the North and Northeast.

The three main models available are the TCL 30SE, the TCL 5G and the TCL 305i, which feature facial recognition, NFC technology, 2 and 4 GB of RAM, respectively, in addition to being compatible with 5G technology.

The sales of devices that have high performance on screens and cinema-quality start in February in Nagem physical and online stores.

(Source: Diário de Pernambuco)