Shein will open the third store in Brazil

A contract with Chinese clothing retailer Shein for the lease of 135,000 square meters at the GLP Guarulhos II project area, 18 kilometers from São Paulo, was closed between the logistics condominium company GLP and the Chinese clothing retailer Shein.

It is the second contract between the companies, for the same location. Shein already leased 81,000 square meters there, in two warehouses. The new 135,000 square meters will go to a single shed, the largest ever built by GLP.

According to Felipe Feistler, general manager of Shein in Brazil, the leasing of the sheds close to São Paulo is a step-in line with the investments announced in the country. He also explained that quick delivery is one of the factors in offering a better shopping experience.

(Source: Administradores)