RTP strengthens partnership with China Media Group

The partnership between RTP and a Chinese television station has resulted in an animated series about the adventures of a panda and a rooster from Barcelos.

O Panda e o Galo, a friendship between a rooster from Barcelos and a Chinese panda, translates this partnership in the world of animation between Portugal and China, more precisely between RTP and China Media Group (CMG).

The heads of the Chinese state television and radio organization visited RTP on the 30th of August to mark the production of the animation The Panda and the Rooster, as well as the expectations of developing new partnerships. As well as showing new content, this ceremony for the presentation and exchange of television programs saw the signing of a Letter of Intent for the possible strengthening of cooperation projects between RTP2, the animation’s producer and CMG’s children’s programs department.

(Source: RTP)