Rio Grande do Norte receives Chinese mission to test agricultural equipment

On the 13th of July, the Government of Rio Grande do Norte received the Sino-Brazilian mission that comes to know and validate the areas where agricultural machinery manufactured in China. The visit is the result of the memorandum of understanding signed during the trip of Governor Fátima Bezerra and secretaries of state to China between the 11th and 19th of April this year.

According to the agreement signed with China, Rio Grande do Norte will receive 31 machines of 22 models, produced by seven manufacturers as a donation until next October.

“The small machines are motor cultivators, micro tractors, brush cutters, planters and seeders. And the ease in handling will enable the insertion of women and young people in the labor activity of handling the land, “said the Secretary of Rural Development and Family Farming, Alexandre Lima.

(Source: Rural Radio)