Products of lusophone countries find buyers in Shanghai

Macao Week in Shanghai drew the attendance of representatives of nearly 40 enterprises dealing in products that are made in Macao, that bear Macao brands or that are made in Portuguese-speaking parts of the world, the Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute, or IPIM, says.

Among those attending was Sardinia Macau Ltd General Manager Sou Hei Man, who described as satisfactory the resulting sales of the Portuguese food he deals in, according to a written statement issued by IPIM yesterday.

IPIM says the features of Macao Week in Shanghai included a roadshow in the popular Yuanmingyuan Road pedestrian precinct, a day of business-matching sessions, and tastings of food and drink from Macao.

Several Macao and mainland Chinese influencers were invited to wield their influence among people either physically present or online to persuade them to take part in Macao Week in Shanghai before it came to a close last week, IPIM says