Mozambican president inaugurates production lines for the heavy sand project invested by a Chinese company

On the 2nd of December, Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi inaugurated two production lines for heavy sands, an investment made by the Chinese company Ding Sheng Minerals in the district of Chibuto, Gaza Province, southern Mozambique.

In his speech, Nyusi congratulated the project’s smooth operation and praised the measures taken by the company to protect the environment in the mining area and benefit local communities. He is sure that due to the magnitude of this undertaking, the Chibuto region will become a regional economic growth engine, developing other activities in the Gaza Province.

With the official start-up of the two new production lines, along with the old production lines, Ding Sheng Minerals has reached a production capacity of over 1.8 million tons of titanium and zirconium ore products per year, according to the company representative.

(Source: Xinhua Português)