Macau bilingual newspaper helps Macanese cuisine “go global”

Plataforma Macau, a bilingual weekly newspaper in Macau, launches the project “Homemade Macanese Recipes around the World”, and will publish videos and newspaper articles between April and June.

The first season of the project will feature three Macanese dishes prepared by families from Canada, South Africa, and Macau SAR, as well as stories of Macanese chefs, in an effort to bring Macanese cuisine to the screen and help them go global.

Nuno Ferraria, the project manager, noted that there has been an enthusiastic response from the Macanese community to the project and that Plataforma Macau has received recipes and videos from Canada, Brazil, South Africa, Hawaii, and Portugal.

Miguel de Senna Fernandes, President of the Macanese Association, said that Macanese cuisine has earned official recognition in 2021, and is inscribed on the National List of Representative Elements of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of China, together with Patuá, a Portuguese-based creole language.