Huawei to help Moçambique Telecom set up 5G network

Over the next few months Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd of China will help Moçambique Telecom SA (Tmcel) to start offering fifth-generation (5G) wireless telecommunication services, Agence Ecofin says, quoting the Tmcel operating chief, Binda Jocker.

Mr Jocker, speaking courtesy of Huawei at the Mobile World Congress, said the speed of the Tmcel 5G network would be up to 10 times that of 4G networks, the African news agency reported last Friday.

The report quotes Mozambican Deputy Minister of Transport and Communications Manuela Rebelo as saying 5G services will bring great changes, and boost the development of the Mozambican economy.

Representatives of Tmcel and Huawei signed last June a US$23 million contract providing for the testing of 5G services in Maputo.