Higer Bus prepares for the arrival of electric buses in SP

By June, the Chinese electric bus maker Higer Bus will be preparing to deliver its first 50 units of the Azure A12BR vehicles, sold to municipalities in São Paulo.

According to the Chinese company, another 150 buses will arrive in the state by the end of the year. To meet the Brazilian demand, Higer Bus set up an Azure A12 production line in China to adopt the specifications for the domestic market.

Last year, the company also announced the installation of a factory in Fortaleza (CE), with a start-up scheduled for 2024. The first stage of production calls for the assembly of 400 buses and heavy trucks per year and from 2026, the capacity will be doubled. In all, US$ 50 million will be invested in the Ceará unit, which will supply the Brazilian and South American markets.

According to Higher Bus, the electric models developed in the country will have a plug-in format in which the vehicle’s batteries are recharged directly from the socket.

(Source: Yahoo Finanças)