CPFL Energia has completed the expansion of the Bela Vista substation

The inauguration of the expansion of the Bela Vista substation located in São Carlos, Brazil, The works was constructed by the Brazilian company CPFL Energia, which was purchased by the Chinese state-owned company State Grid Corporation of China in 2017.

CPFL Energia installed a green transformer in the substation, which has 100% biodegradable and non-toxic insulating vegetable oil and a cooling function during operation, reducing the risk of fire. The works started in March 2020 and were completed in October of that year, having doubled its capacity.

In addition to the BRL 32.6 million invested in the Bela Vista substation, CPFL Energia invested a total of BRL 70 million in the municipality, in other projects such as the expansion of the Bethânia substation, maintenance and improvements to the electrical system, etc.