CMOC Brazilian unit announces a niobium and phosphorus project in conjunction with NETC

China’s largest molybdenum producer, CMOC Group, said its Brazilian unit has entered into an agreement with Northern Engineering and Technology Corporation (NETC), a Chinese metallurgical research and design company, to develop its niobium and phosphorus project in Brazil.

With the global mining industrial transition to a green and low-carbon model, the Brazilian branch of CMOC has focused on upgrading its equipment and environmental monitoring and management and hopes to initiate technical cooperation with NETC.

CMOC acquired the niobium and phosphorus project in 2016, with the main assets being Niobras Mineração, the world’s second-largest producer of niobium, and Copebras Indústria, Brazil’s second-largest producer of phosphate fertilizers.

Brazilian mines had almost 7.4 million tons of niobium and 191 million tons of phosphoric metals in reserve since last year, presenting a great perspective in the exploration and development of metals, CMOC noted.

(Source: China2Brazil)