Chinese-owned company opens dumpling factory in Portugal

Chinese-owned Jiawei Alimentação Lda has opened in the southern Portuguese municipality of Vendas Novas a factory which makes Chinese traditional dumplings, O Digital website reports.

The Portuguese news website quotes a written statement issued by Jiawei as saying the company has invested some 2.5 million euros (about US$2.9 million) in the factory that began operating in early July.

The report says almost all the ingredients are bought in Portugal.

It says the factory has about 40 employees, most of them local people, and that Jiawei intends to employ more soon, to make new products.

All the output will be sent to France for distribution around Europe.

The Jiawei statement quotes Mayor Luís Dias of Vendas Novas as praising the company for going ahead and opening the factory this month despite the Covid-19 pandemic, O Digital says.